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 The Fat Cow 9 by Chrillz [feral PvP]

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PříspěvekPředmět: The Fat Cow 9 by Chrillz [feral PvP]   Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:58 pm

Link na Warcraftmovies.com


There hasn't been much activity on the PvP front in terms of movies, so I decided to start working on a new installment of TFC series some weeks ago. I figured that I wanted to kick in the new year with something that I'm happy with. Therefor I've spent extra time on this one, and prolonged the production of it. The music selection has for once been "fun" due to all the tips I have gotten from my blog and Msn. Thank you for your support! Personally I would say that this is without doubt my best creation so far, and I'm very eager to hear your opinion. Special thanks to Dvno1 for helping me with this picture above and the After Effects intro in the movie.

As someone mentioned the 2nd song is missing under the credits. It's Trust Company - The war is over. T_T

---[TFC 9 contains]---
2v2 Arena - Rogue/Feral
A few few DK clips

Duels Against:
Ravez - Blood DK
Taca - Frost Mage
Tereal - Ret Paladin
Nilzzone - Shs/CB Rogue

--- [Add0ns] ---
Bagnon Razz

Here's your requested armory link: My Druid
Here's my blog site: chrille.dingblog.com
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The Fat Cow 9 by Chrillz [feral PvP]
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